Inside Dell EMC Powerstore AppsOn Delivers Groundbreaking Application Flexibility and Mobility

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Pict 1. Traditional and Modern Workload

High Performance and Intelligent Data Reduction Storage

The ground-breaking Dell EMC PowerStore achieves new levels of operational simplicity and agility, utilizing a container-based architecture, advanced storage technologies, and intelligent automation to unlock the power of your data. Based on a scale-out architecture and hardware-accelerated advanced data reduction, PowerStore is designed to deliver enhanced resource utilization and performance that keeps pace with application and system growth. Utilizing the proven capabilities of VMware ESXi, PowerStore X models with AppsON provide the unique ability to host data-intensive and storage applications directly on the PowerStore system with a storage-based virtualization environment, with the flexibility of seamless movement of applications between the storage system and external VMware servers. PowerStore T models provide organizations with all the benefits of an enterprise unified storage platform for block, file and vVol data, while enabling flexible growth with the intelligent scale-up AND scale-out capability of appliance clusters.


Based on a versatile scale-up and out platform utilizing Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and today’s most advanced storage technologies, including NVMe Flash and dual-ported Intel® OptaneTM SSDs and always-on inline data reduction, PowerStore uses powerful analytics, automation and active resource balancing to optimize performance and eliminate management overhead. Each appliance utilizes dual active-active storage nodes and a container-based software architecture to provide maximum adaptability. Additional storage capacity is added to each appliance via up to three drive expansion enclosures.


Modern Infrastructure for the Data Era

Organizations can accelerate decision making, data access and application performance with PowerStore, which is designed for six-nines (99.9999%) availability :

  • Any Workload : PowerStore simplifies IT infrastructure by supporting a wide range of traditional and modern workloads with its scale-up, scale-out architecture for block, file and VMware vVols.
  • Performance Optimized : PowerStore is seven times faster and three times more responsive than previous Dell EMC midrange storage arrays, because of its end-to-end NVMe design and support for Storage Class Memory as persistent storage powered by dual port Intel® Optane™ SSDs.
  • Efficiency Without Compromise : Customers can save on IT budget and capacity with always-on deduplication, compression and a guaranteed 4:1 data reduction.
Dell PowerStore - Dell technologies Partner- Sapta Tunas Teknologi

Pict 2. Dell PowerStore

Machine learning and intelligent automation allows for faster delivery of applications and services with up to 99% less staff time to balance volumes :

  • Programmable Infrastructure: Streamlines application development and reduces deployment timeframes from days to seconds, with VMware integration and support for leading management and orchestration frameworks including Kubernetes, Ansible and VMware vRealize Orchestrator.
  • Autonomous Infrastructure: Built-in machine learning automates labor-intensive processes like initial volume placement, migrations, load balancing and issue resolution.
  • Infrastructure Insights: Dell EMC CloudIQ storage monitoring and analytics software combines machine learning and human intelligence for real-time performance and capacity analysis and historical tracking for a single view of Dell EMC infastructure. Dell Technologies will integrate CloudIQ across the full Dell Technologies infrastructure portfolio for even greater insights.

What Is AppsON?

  • The unparalleled flexibility and mobility provided by AppsON is made possible because PowerStore is the only purpose-built array with VMware vSphere built-in. Integration with vSphere results in simplified, streamlined management where storage resources plug directly into the virtualization layer.
  • Storage administration is also made simpler, as supporting data management applications can be run directly on the array, streamlining operations and consolidating targeted external VMs. The consolidated solution provided by PowerStore with AppsON offers unique capabilities for environments where infrastructure simplicity and density are desirable or critical, including edge computing, ROBO, mobile and tactical deployments.

PowerStore provides our customers with data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure that supports both traditional and modern workloads. We accomplish this through :

  • Data-centric design that optimizes system performance, scalability, and storage efficiency to support any workload without compromise.
  • Intelligent automation through programmable infrastructure that simplifies management and optimize system resources, while enabling proactive health analytics to easily monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot the environment. 
  • Adaptable architecture that enables speed and application mobility, offers flexible deployment models, and provides choice, predictability, and investment protection through flexible payment solutions and data-in-place upgrades. 

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