We understand that every industry has its own unique challenges and needs. That’s why STT provides solutions that are not only diverse but also tailored to client needs.

Supported by our partnerships, our certified sales, presales, and technical team, we can assist you to find the best solution that fit into your company requirement.

IT & Cloud Infrastructure

STT provides a variety of IT and Cloud Infrastructure Solutions specifically designed to meet your company’s needs, ranging from point technology solutions to building a new private cloud, migrating from existing cloud, and cloud repatriation from public cloud.

STT also provides customer with comprehensive services to manage your private cloud infrastructure, developing hybrid cloud solutions where Front-End applications run on the public cloud and Back-End applications processes data on the private cloud.


Enterprise Data Centre Infrastructure, Edge Data Center Infrastructure, Data Center Managed Services, Private Cloud, Enterprise Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.


Cloud Native Application

To help customers in responding to fast changing business needs, STT provides comprehensive DevSecOps solutions. Our agile project team is ready to assist you in integrating DevSecOps practices into your software development environment to deliver high-quality software rapidly, effectively respond to market demands, and maintain a competitive edge in the modern business landscape.


Container Management, DevSecOps Solution, Cloud Native Application Development (CI/CD).


Data & AI/GenerativeAI

STT offers a comprehensive range of big data solutions tailored to your organization’s needs, ranging from data integrations, data cleansing, data analytics, data presentations, image and video analytics using AI, and Large Language Model using Generative AI.

The solutions enable customers to enhance their business process with making informed decisions, and augment human capability with Artificial Intelligence.


Big Data Solution, Data Analytics, IoT and Real-time Data Streaming Analytics, Image and Video Analytics using AI and Large Language Model using Generative AI.


Cyber Security & Resiliency

STT offers comprehensive solutions to safeguard your company’s digital infrastructure, from backup and recovery to cyber resiliency, network security, security operations, and security assessments, we provide a complete package to keep your business safe from Cyber.


Data Protection, Cyber Resiliency, Network Security, Endpoint Security, Security Operation Center, Vulnerability Assessment.


Professional Service dan IT Infra Consulting

STT offers comprehensive solutions, from design & IT implementation, maintenance, and managed services, to developing IT Master Plan and enterprise architecture. Our IT consultants are ready to guide you through IT infrastructure consultations, helping you identify your company’s needs and develop the right strategies.



Professional Support
Managed Services
IT Consulting Services
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