FREE 1 Year IT Preventive Maintenance

FREE 1 Year IT Preventive Maintenance

Enhance Your Business Today, Unlock a Year of FREE IT Preventive Maintenance!

Is your company facing challenges in upholding IT maintenance due to budget limitations? We understand the importance of sustaining seamless operations in IT infrastructure while managing costs effectively. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce our exclusive offer: “FREE 1 Year IT Preventive Maintenance.”

FREE 1 Year IT Preventive Maintenance

What is IT Preventive Maintenance?

IT Preventive Maintenance involves steps taken to prevent damage or failure of IT hardware before issues arise. STT will assist in maintaining your company’s hardware to ensure optimal performance, reduce security risks, and extend the lifespan of your IT equipment.

Why is IT Preventive Maintenance important for your business?

  • Cost Efficiency: Preventive maintenance helps identify hardware issues before they become serious problems, preventing expensive repairs or replacements.
  • Minimizing Downtime: By preventing hardware failures and downtime, IT preventive maintenance reduces downtime that can lead to financial losses and damage to your business reputation.
  • Maintaining Warranty Coverage: Some hardware warranties require regular maintenance to remain valid. By adhering to maintenance guidelines, you can claim warranties from manufacturers, saving money on repairs or replacements.
  • Mitigating Security Risks: Neglected hardware can pose security risks to your company’s IT infrastructure, such as outdated firmware vulnerabilities. Performing preventive maintenance prevents such risks.
  • Optimizing Performance: Over time, hardware can accumulate dust and dirt, leading to decreased performance. With IT Preventive Maintenance, you can keep hardware components clean and well-maintained, optimizing performance.

What will you get from STT by performing preventive maintenance?

  • Basic Maintenance follows hardware warranty
  • Applicable for hardware only
  • Health check only every 1 year
  • Health check with recommendation report
  • Free consultation
  • Single point of contact for case escalation (help to open case)
  • Hotline Support number: 0812-1886-1717

Performing IT preventive maintenance helps ensure that your IT systems operate optimally, securely, and reliably, which is crucial for operational continuity and the success of your business.

You can get it for FREE for 1 year (T&C apply). Book to schedule now! Contact Us  or Whatsapp: +62 821-1000-1087


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